Richard Summons creates fascinating works of art in both naturalistic and surrealistic bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, laser cut metals, gypsum cements, bonded metals,stoneware, and porcelain. His concentration has been on Eastern Northern American wildlife. Richard’s ability to work in varied scales on materials has garnered him numerous commissioned works for individuals and organizations.

Richard about his work:

When I become inspired to playfully develop a new composition of figures and elements, I actively retreat to a personal realm, a protected glade of emotions. Here brooding forms are manipulated, added, discarded, unexpected. No intentional statement is desired, but a personal acceptance of the obvious and the ironic. By animating the varied subjects I’ve selected, I search for a blending of naturalistic and surrealistic scenarios. I continually explore and am intrigued by the convergence and intersection of two worlds or moments in time. My bases are evolving as singular points of physical stability and allow viewers to visually create their own sense of boundary to the elements presented.