Born in 1948, Peter Sculthorpe’s remarkable talent was evident even as a child and developed rapidly in high school where he was awarded an art scholarship in his senior year. He later studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Arthur De Costa, Philadelphia painter and lecturer and then Chairman of the Painting Department of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts had this to say about Peter:

‘Peter Sculthorpe is well known for his superb technique. His ability to move watercolor, a most recalcitrant medium, in a fluent and elegant manner holds a fascination of its own. But when we look at his paintings, we are not conscious of them as being feats of technical prowess, which they are, but go immediately to the psychological moment each one presents. titlehough every painting seems to have for its subject something old-a wall, a barn, a house in good repair or tumbling down-these paintings are not about nostalgia. They don’t carry us back to times gone by. We do not imagine ourselves looking in on a vanished world. Instead, they bring the past into the light of the present day, and this juxtaposition of past and present, which always takes us by surprise, is the starting premise of his art. It is an art that involves the viewer with an extraordinary sense of participation of being present and experiencing the. same poetic revelation that the artist felt when ‘savoring these unfathomable moments.’