Born in 1975, Heather grew up in the rolling hills of Northeast Pennsylvania. She received her Bachelor of Art from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her studies in Central Pa, Heather attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she studied animation. With her love of color and movement, she is best known for her earlier abstract oil paintings. Recently, Heather has applied her artistic styling to a new body of traditional and impressionistic landscapes.

Artist’s Statement:
“For me, painting is quite literally necessary. Without it, I cannot move, reach, grow or live. In its absence, I stumble and easily succumb to the day’s dissatisfactions. When I paint, I feel complete and dare I say, indestructible? Painting is my ritual and my meditation. Simply put, painting for me, is like taking a much needed long and deep breath.
I enjoy many artistic mediums; watercolor, acrylic and photography. However, oils are my passion! I love the variability of oil paint. I relish in its spontaneity and spirit. There is an element of respect when it comes to painting with oils. They can be amiable at the best of times and arduous and others. It is a fickle being.
I believe our chosen mediums happen to reflect our subconscious. The style in which I choose to paint reflects my current state of mind as well. Creating art is both therapeutic and expressive. It is my second language. While degrees of styles can vary, I invite you to observe my work and take from it what you will. While one piece may speak to one on-looker, it is highly likely that another won’t share in the same sentiments. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. I can say the same for art.”