Mick’s award winning paintings strive to capture the mood and atmosphere of a subject, combining the magic of watercolor with reverence for the principles of design to create works of sophisticated simplicity. Mick is a signature member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (Sylvan Grouse Guild), the Baltimore Watercolor Society and he is an Artist Member of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association.

Artist’s Statement

I am a passionate painter who believes that time spent painting is precious.  My goal is to draw and paint every day and I believe that the fastest way to artistic growth is through the activity of painting. I enjoy painting outside to take advantage of surroundings, natural light, and the sights and sounds that influence each painter’s creative nature.  Outside in nature’s studio is where I find the greatest challenge and the greatest reward.  I am challenged to capture the moment because light and its effect, reflection and cast shadow changes continuously.  I am forced to simplify, to reduce the overwhelming complexity of what’s in front of me into only the most important shapes and values. My nature is to be spontaneous, so working loose and juicy appeals to me. The magic of watercolor is found in the partnership between artist and medium, of finding a balance between the knowledge, technique and skill of the painter while leaving room for the magic that makes watercolor so distinctive. Above all, I believe that painting is great fun and when we’re having fun it can be seen by the viewer in our finished work!