Judith McCabe-Jarvis makes us look  at life, and  see something more.  Jarvis, who grew up in Wyndmoor and lives in Chadds Ford, depicts moments of city and suburban life that are casual and fleeting, although the feelings are not. Far from trendy or aggressive, her work is old-fashioned, just gently and quietly there. Judith McCabe Jarvis has been characterized as a “Brandywine School” artist, but this resident of Chadds Ford, PA, is no mere follower in the footsteps of Howard Pyle or the Wyeth family.  She paints in a style that is realistic, in the sense that one can recognize the locations; but her brushwork is much more painterly. Jarvis’ work has been commissioned and collected for public spaces and private collections from California, Connecticut, Arizona to Florida.  Her career began at public university and was enriched in Europe and the daily rigors of developing her perspective of the visual inspiration of meaning and purpose.