Nature has always been the inspiration for my paintings, a way to perhaps capture a bit of those “awe moments” one encounters now and then when in the presence of nature’s beauty.

After 30 years of having had the opportunity to create for the Walt Disney Company, I am now retired and paint full-time. I was an Art Director for Walt Disney Imagineering and am a retired Disney “Imagineer”. My time with Disney was very rewarding. I had many opportunities to express myself creatively and to be with and inspired by, so many creative people.

I am on a journey of discovery with my art, now that I have the time to pursue my passion to paint. I am enjoying so many new ways in which to reflect Nature’s beauty in my paintings and challenging myself in the use of various mediums. I enjoy working in acrylics, but usually the subject determines the medium chosen. Currently my textured paintings are sculpted with “impressions” from the natural elements found in our woods. I truly enjoy the blending of color over texture.