A native of Chester County, Richard has spent his life studying the landscape and history of his homeland. His paintings are now becoming a record of a world soon to be lost due to the relentless suburbanization of the region. Largely because of its beauty the Brandywine Valley has attracted and produced an important number of painters over several hundred years. Richard is part of a family tradition of native artists which included Jefferson David Chalfant, George Cope, and Howard Pyle. Painting at certain times of the day in different light conditions creates many moods. Many of Chalfant’s paintings, most notably his nocturnes, really come alive when viewed in the same light as the time of day in which they were painted. “People tell me how exciting it is for them to watch the paintings are to be viewed head on – there is no secret agenda or masked intent.” Richard Chalfant strives to attain the goal of the phrase: In simplicity is the greatest beauty.